Litmus Magazine #3 [Sold out]

the haematological issue

Publication date August 2015


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Edited by Sarah Crewe (poetry), Elinor Cleghorn (Prose), and David Rees (contributing editor).

Cover image by Emmy Verschoor, with visual contributions by Catherine Williams.

This issue contains poetry and prose by Sophie Mayer, Alan Baker, clare e potter, Aidan Semmens. Richard Price (prose), Elizabeth Treadwell, Rhys Trimble, Duncan MacKay (prose) Christopher Mole, Natasha Borton, Dorothy Lehane, Eleanor Ward, Aodán McCardle, Finn Jackson, Sarah Anne Cox, Patricia Farrell, Niall Firth, Carole Birkan, Chris McCabe, Lucy Hamilton, Dimitra Ioannou, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Ann Matthews, Tom Jenks, Giles Goodland, Jennifer Spector, Pascal O’Loughlin & Erkembode, Ian Brinton (prose).
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