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Duncan MacKay

Publication date March 2019


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It is sometimes the case that the peripheral, the afterthought, the marginalia, the anecdotal, communicate more than any main text. The ninety–one footnotes here, variously numbered in approximate numerical progression, explore the notion of correlations through prose, poet’s prose and free verse script. There are people, places, times, incidents, ideas. There is Bertlmann as a character, with suggested narratives involving a book, his work at CERN’s Theoretical division, the Adler Hotel in Zurich, Geneva’s tram Number 6, the Café Racine. There are non–local non–causal correlations at the quantum scale, the EPR experiment, multiple /g*–dahn’kn/adj; Max Jammer, Simon Capelin and Miss E.M.Jamison. There is a trip on the steamer across Lac Léman. There is the truth of appearance as premise and sense entangled as it is in words. There are concepts as grounded and performative poetics; choosing the right sort of tea is quite a ceremony and dialectics the very substance of object–reality and the obduracy of thought. Meaning–making relationships between experience and language, questions of poetic form and purpose, a little literary critical theory and a little mathematical analysis, all constitute the multi–dimensional network reduced to left–right vertical lineation of ninety–one components, all of which may be correlated and may or may not be causal.

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