Richard Price

So she goes Cryptochromes, but for loneliness not electromagnetism.

He goes It’s the blue dusk that’s the trigger.

The blues then, she says back. But maybe it’s not the blues, not loneliness, not funny peculiar, not
funny ha-ha – desire. You know really wanting, really really wanting?

He doesn’t say anything.

Orienting yourself, she says, to anyone orienting themself to you.

Really really really wanting? he says, trying to catch up, playing a little tune on his voice, making that
eye contact there, funny flirty (he thinks, but he’s also shy as well, shy but alright let’s play).

A kind of lust telepathy, is that what we’re saying here? she goes. She reaches out to touch his
shoulder but then she doesn’t touch it, just holds her hand above his shoulder (it’s his right
shoulder). By the way, he’s wearing a T-shirt with Remember the Tanks in George Square.

He goes, That is what we’re saying here, and he takes her hand in one of his hands, and they are just
feeling all feeling is in those hands – it’s a ridiculous formal handshake, what are they thinking, love’s
young dream please apply in triplicate? – and they’re just brimming and buzzing – and it’s not all
feeling there because they can sense their mouths all sensitive as well and their breathing and pulse
gets marked as I can feel myself breathing, pulsing and, and by the way, she’s wearing a T-shirt with
Remember the Tanks in George Square.

Cryptochromes, he goes.

Cryptochromes, she goes.

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