Sarah Crewe


DSM-III-R (1988)

    a magpie
the downstairs cupboard as narnia
you as jadis
          the white witch
triad: dragon head      siblings as blue lanterns
triad: of impairments: interaction                      {precariat:unemployable}
communication       {mute exterior}             imagination    {mute interior}
the need for explicit discussion with the family
    no words        could illustrate        solitude
the implications    the way in which perfume =
    sensory overload    qualitative différance
reduced     absent      joy                                 severe      moderate       mild
i.q. marker     squeaks     a noise descendant from wolves      internal
echolalia      oh ne-ver-mind      ne-ver-mind
                      instant apology    repetition    gaze switch
the reflective aspects                 upset you the most

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